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by Shannon

About This Blog & Me (Shannon)

Hey! I’m Shannon and I live in Palo Alto, California with my husband and my dog, Captain. Here on Endless May, I write for young womxn who want to live full and vibrant lives on their own terms. If I had to write a life motto, it would be:

Life is too short to keep the job you hate, spend time with people who make you feel like crap, and play small because you don’t feel worthy. Life is happening now—trust your intuition.

A few fun facts about me…

  • I quit my full-time 6 figure job to pursue building my own company, a start-up focused on improving eating disorder treatment.
  • I owned a wedding photography business for five years, before closing my business to pursue other dreams.
  • I’ve visited 20 different countries and have talked a lot about my travels on this blog. I love exploring new places, trying new foods, and learning about new cultures and countries.
  • My husband, Dani, and I are college sweethearts. We eloped after 6.5 years together on the California Coast in March 2021.

Since 2014, when I first started this blog, things have evolved quite a bit! I’ve shared college advice, mental health awareness, self-love tips, and behind the scenes on my journey at Wellesley College, studying abroad in Amsterdam, moving to Northern California, and supporting my husband, Dani through medical school.

From our elopement in March 2021

Thanks for being here!

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