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Welcome to Endless May, home to college, lifestyle & travel posts.

I’m a college blogger passionate about studying tips, dorm décor & finals help. Looking to make the most of college? I’ll show you how!

My name is Shannon May. I am a 21 year old Boston based college blogger with a love of computer science, music and photography.

Why I Blog

I am passionate about helping students make the most of their college experience and I realized, after a difficult freshman year myself, that sometimes, the best place to find some advice or a little pick-me-up is here on the internet reading college tips from other college bloggers. So, I decided to craft some of my own, transforming my personal blog into something that could potentially inspire others!

www.endlessmay.com || Belgium Travels

I attend Wellesley College where I am currently studying computer science and music. I am an aspiring software engineer with plans to work in a career that combines my love for both music and tech. This semester I am studying abroad in Europe where I will be spending a lot of time traveling, writing and eating.

www.endlessmay.com | Sadie Banks Photography www.sadiebanksphotography.comMy boyfriend, Dani, attends Harvard University. He is studying Neurobiology and plans on attending medical school after graduation. We have a lot of fun together and enjoy adventuring around Boston-we even vlog about it.


A few of my favorites…lemon water, fall, Kate Spade, the color purple, John Mayer, rain, oatmeal raisin cookies, strawberry smoothies, feminism, grey sweaters and coding.

This blog is meant to inspire, support and encourage you. Let’s do this, one step at a time!

Many thanks to the amazing Sadie Banks for the first and third photo. Check out her website, Instagram and Facebook Page