Affordable Teeth Whitening for Millennials

June 15, 2017
This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Endless May possible!
I’ve never thought of my teeth as particularly white. In fact, for a lot of my life it was something I was pretty self conscious about. This spring/summer I have two graduations, my best friend’s wedding and Dani’s white coat ceremony (#HelloMedSchool!). With all the photos that I am sure will come from all of these events, I knew I wanted to look my best and have a smile that I want to show off. I started whitening my teeth with Smile Brilliant this spring and to say that I am happy with the results would be an understatement.
I have never been this more confident and proud of my teeth–now I actually want to smile big for the camera!
For so long I relied on cheap whitening strips from the store believing that I couldn’t afford anything more. However, these custom-fitted trays from Smile Brilliant are one of the best investments you can make for your smile. They are affordable and produce results that I didn’t imagine was possible!
Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Trays | Endless May
The best part (in my opinion) is how easy the whole process is! They send a fitting kit right to your doorstep, you follow the easy step by step instructions, mail back your fitting impressions and get your custom trays sent to you (you can see mine in the image above!).
Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Trays | Endless May
You refill the trays yourself every time you want to use them and you really do see results after every whitening session!
Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Trays | Endless May
And now, for the best part–my before and after picture!
 (Hope you enjoy this up close look at my face’s baby hairs HAHA)
I highly recommend checking out Smile Brilliant. If you still need convincing, I suggest reading these testimonials or this helpful article on things you should know regarding home teeth whitening! Happy smiling!

And bonus!! You can get 5% off your purchase by using the code endlessmay5. You can also find out about an amazing giveaway to get your own kit too!
How Much Is Teeth Whitening

Summer In San Francisco

June 14, 2017
This post is sponsored by San Francisco Magazine. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Endless May possible!
As many of you know, I am now calling San Francisco home and I am SO excited to explore all this city has to offer. Some things I have already learned (and some pictures I have taken along the way)…
  1. There are so many steep hills here. RIP.
  2. It is way colder than I was expecting.
  3. The food ROCKS.
  4. There are three different train/transport systems and each require their own ticket.
  5. People get annoyed when you call it San Fran or Cali.
  6. Baker Beach is a nude beach (Emily and I saw a naked guy swimming there when we were doing a photoshoot! Photos below of Emily–not the naked man!!)

Overall, I have had an amazing first week here and I look forward to the months (and hopefully years!) to come.

Something else I am looking forward to is the Best of San Francisco Magazine 2017 Party. I was so honored to be invited and I want to extend that invitation to you! The event is on June 22nd and all the details can be found on the ticket website.

I have started to realize how important and helpful networking can be especially in a city as big and diverse as SF! This party is the perfect opportunity to meet some really incredible people and eat some really incredible food (in a beautiful setting too!). I highly recommend this event and I am so excited to attend. If you are not in the San Francisco area, definitely tune into my Instagram story on June 22nd because I will be sharing lots of pics and videos of me attempting to be ~fancy~!

And now for some photos of the last week…

Endless May | Endless May | Endless May | Endless May | Endless May | Endless May |

If you end up purchasing tickets for the Best of San Francisco Magazine 2017 Party, let me know! I would love to meet up while we are there!

Beach Week

May 22, 2017

After finals end, seniors enjoy a week of relaxation and celebration (aka “senior week”) before graduation activities begin. Because I decided to stay in Boston until Dani’s graduation, I had the chance to visit the beach for a few days with my favorite Wellesley seniors.

Senior week is bittersweet and because I am not a senior, it is more just bitter than anything (can you tell I really don’t want my friends to graduate??). But, in all honesty, I am so proud of these beautiful, smart, strong and inspiring women I have gotten to look up to over the years. They have led, guided and helped me through Wellesley and I am so grateful for them.

We spent a few days in Mattapoisett, MA enjoying beautiful sunsets, yummy seafood and lots of cheese. It was such a nice change of pace from the stress of finals but my friend Maggie and I were commenting on how hard it is to just sit still and relax. Cheers to summer and hopefully a lot more beautiful sunsets.